chapter  8
Dreaming, an intimate characteristic of the mind
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Characterizing dreaming as paradoxical sleep means that dreaming and sleeping are by definition in opposition to each other. The dream is the privileged locus of the drive impulses to the extent that it is the paradigm of what characterizes the drive. Dream imagery is one of the distinctive signs of the vicissitudes of the drives. Dream content links up in a more or less coherent way the subjective events unfolding in "an analogous world" with the subject's active participation. The relation between the desire to sleep and the fact of knowing one is asleep, on the one hand, and that between oneiric automatism and postural atonia, on the other, are both bound up with the principle that the fact of dreaming is related to play. As a primordial element of dreaming, intrigue also participates in oneiric play. The circumstantial logic of the dream consists of a set of "game rules" that could be modified if it was deemed necessary.