chapter  9
Oneiric representation, drive, and its obverse
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The dream highlights the principle according to which the dream depiction or representation, that is to say, the transformation of the signifiers into image form, is often permeated by the mechanism of the mise en abyme of the subject. The idea of the dream as drive has led us to consider oneiric activity as a paradoxical movement which goes against the drive from which it emanates. The Freudian hypothesis of the retrogressive path of dream images could be considered as being in line with research into the neurophysiology of sleep. The correlation discovered between the REM and dream images by Kleitman and Aserinsky in fact reinforces Freud's explanation with respect to the vividness of hallucinatory dreams. A close examination of dream activity will lead us to understand that the adventizing purpose is already under way when the partial drives are represented in the dream.