chapter  1
Introduction: Psychoanalysis, Community-Based Clinical Work, Culture
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This chapter reviews the characteristics of globalization, global capitalism, neo-liberalism, and neo-colonialism in new world order, some political attitudes toward the system, some of its effects and manifestations including its effect on mental health systems, public and private around the world. The cultural meanings of "globalization" in terms of the psychological implications and consequences of global capitalism for mental health and for the systems that serve the mental health of human beings. On the economic side, global capitalism is made up of multinational corporations and the capital they control moving freely across national borders for purposes of investment and the buying and selling of natural resources and commodities. The supremacy of global capitalism, services, information, knowledge, and human capacities have also become commodities thought, in terms of economic value its process called monetization. People objectify other people and themselves, self-esteem can be profoundly affected by the degree to which one's skills, capacities, and interests can be monetized.