chapter  1
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Creating a Model Electoral Democracy

Several peoples would have considered the types of voting machines jurisdictions used to be an integral aspect of debates over fairness of elections and the quality of electoral democracy. Before 2000, only a handful of political scientists and practitioners paid attention to the pros and cons of various voting machine systems. As a result of the 2000 presidential election, states and localities were encouraged to replace archaic voting machines with state-of-the-art electronic voting machines. In the past, localities have used one of five voting systems or a combination of them includes hand-counted paper ballot, mechanical lever machine, punch cards, optical scan, and mixed voting systems. The newest voting technology used on a wide basis, and the most controversial today, is the direct-recording electronic (DRE) machine. People need to continue to work to make DRE machines more secure, but the only way to hone electronic voting is to continue using it.