chapter  21
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Locating Clandestine and Fugitive Terrorists

Politically motivated people dedicated to the use of fear and violence in an effort to

force a change in their government and society usually practice extreme security. They

conceal their most sensitive activities from the outside world-especially actions that

violate the law. Some of these people will vanish, only to appear somewhere else where

they are unknown. They do not act like the average criminal and do not think like the

average criminal. Indeed, many do not consider themselves to be criminals, despite

the fact that they have violated laws. The problem is compounded by the fact that ter-

rorist fugitives often associate with highly secretive people who themselves employ

security as if they, too, are wanted subjects, despite the fact that they have no outstand-

ing warrants. Terrorist groups provide support for their fugitive members and even for

fugitive members of related groups. Surface support groups also provide assistance.

In some instances, these overt groups do not even know the name of the person they

are shielding.