chapter  3
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Religious-Based Terrorism

Terrorists are a different breed of criminal. Religious-based extremists are, in many

respects, unique within the overall terrorist community. All terrorists are driven by their

political beliefs. In the case of religious terrorists, many of their basic political beliefs are

derived from, related to, and bolstered by their faith convictions. Most religious terror-

ists believe that their God supports and directs them. For some, it means that dying

for the cause will result in a desirable afterlife. Therefore, religious terrorists are often

among the most dedicated extremists. Some are willing to kill enemies of their political

cause if they are convinced that their God will approve of it. Others will actually kill

themselves if they believe that it will further their cause and that their God will be

pleased by their actions. Many, but not all, suicide bombers are driven in part by their

religious beliefs.