chapter  6
1.4 National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs)
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There are two sections of NamUs that search one another with the information they contain-the Missing Persons Database and the Unidentified Persons database. The Missing Persons Database can be populated by anyone, but the information is verified before it is posted. This database provides many resources, including free biometric collection and testing assistance, as well as the ability to print missing person information. Additionally, there are links to Medical Examiner/ Coroner Offices, state clearinghouses, law enforcement agencies, related legislation, and victim assistance groups. The Unidentified Persons Database is populated only by Medical Examiner/Coroner Offices, but can be searched by anyone using certain criteria, such as race, sex, etc. (NamUS, 2013). The Unidentified Persons database also

continuing education underlines that “it is not sufficient to have your unidentified remains prints run only through your local or state fingerprint databases and that postmortem fingerprints should always be run through two federal fingerprint agencies-FBI SPC and DHS BSC” (NamUs, 2012).