chapter  2
Society, political governance and public participation in Nigeria
Pages 43

The adequacy, implementation and effectiveness of public access laws on environmental information and decision-making processes are usually influenced by wider considerations related to the country, such as its political, administrative1 and wider legal cultures as they have been moulded over the years and continue to be influenced by their history. Thus, at the base of such laws and their implementation in Nigeria is this wealth of political, administrative and legal history which calls for examination. Accordingly, the purpose of this chapter is to explain, assess and attempt to create an understanding of how the aforementioned considerations have contributed to shaping the current character and working of public access laws in Nigeria, especially as they relate to the environment. It will also serve to trace the development of the relevant environment-related public access laws and highlight the need for adequate legal mechanisms that contribute to ensuring transparency in governance, as well as affording the populace the requisite opportunities to participate in decision-making, especially in an environmental context.