chapter  6
BRAVO Principals Nurture Achievement
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Marzano (2011) emphasizes that when the principal sets the example for a school community to work together collaboratively, an improvement in overall lesson quality, improved morale among staff members, and improved learning outcomes for all students have been observed. In this atmosphere students are challenged with increased rigor and teachers are more aware of curriculum standards across grade levels, leading to creating common assessments that monitor the learning community (DuFour, 2004). While teacher quality has been found to directly impact student achievement, it is the leadership of the campus principal that supports this climate for teacher quality to abound (Gaynor, 2012). Thus, a supportive principal who endorses school improvements is vital to creating positive learning environments that benefit all students (Au & Boyd, 2013). BRAVO principals who build relationships with actions that value others nurture achievement on the campus-achievement for themselves, for faculty, for students, and for the larger community. They nurture achievement by actions that uphold high standards, challenge the status quo, and lead learning.