chapter  3
BRAVO Principals Respect Others
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It was the last day of the school year and, as far as I was concerned, my first and last year of being a principal at this school. When I accepted the assignment, I knew there was a very bad morale problem at the school, not just with faculty, but with students and parents as well. So, I had determined that I would be open to new ideas and that together we would build a school community that was positive and affirming for everyone on campus. And we had tried all kinds of new ideas: implemented new scheduling in the high school, reviewed new curriculum, all faculty meetings had a time for open sharing, and I had even taken seniors to lunch off campus in small groups in an effort to understand their needs better. But still there was grumbling. May 29 was finally here; I was exhausted, as was the faculty. But, I had one last meeting to chair.