chapter  1
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The responsible jurist

This chapter addresses the responsible jurist, in three parts: considers the challenge of lawful relations; recollects the office of jurist; and explains the specific jurisprudential method of a minor jurisprudence. It includes the question of how the jurist might account for and take responsibility for forms of common law practice. Linking jurisprudence to office, addresses one of the responsibilities of office: to act jurisprudentially. The chapter reminds the jurist of their responsibilities of office, with an offering of assistance in the form of a minor jurisprudence. For the jurist, taking up and holding office, what this means is that the creation and conduct of lawful relations involves caring for the dead, which is a matter of practice, and one that requires practical wisdom, judgment and care. In the particular common law context where there are difficulties in the creation and conduct of lawful relations, these difficulties are part of the jurist's responsibilities of office.