chapter  2
The role of living roofs in holistic storm water management systems
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Regardless of the growing public awareness of the environmental impacts of

stormwater runoff, government regulation defining requirements for stormwater

management remain the most significant driver or potential limitation for design

and installation of all stormwater control measures (SCMs).1 At the time of this

writing, many municipalities are found to be in the midst of a paradigm shift for

design of stormwater controls. The shift to green stormwater infrastructure (GSI)

provides an opportunity for living roofs where green infrastructure (GI) is embraced,

and where design manuals offer computational procedures for runoff calculations,

but creates challenges where regulatory agencies are slower adopters. A discussion

of the regulatory context is warranted, as it forms the basis for the technical

objectives adopted by the stormwater designer. It also forms a framework, or set of

rules, against which a building or broader development proposal is evaluated in

terms of creating and mitigating runoff potential.