chapter  3
Planning considerations
Pages 46

In this chapter the important relationship between early involvement and

collaboration of the entire living roof project team contributes to the success of

the design, construction and long-term maintenance of the project. Section 3.1

presents the consultants, their roles and responsibilities, and the path of

communication between them and the client. Section 3.2 presents a step-by-step

planning process that ultimately leads to the design and maintenance topics

covered in the remaining sections of the chapter. These topics include the

experiential (planting design) and functional aspects of the roof in terms of

meeting project goals (stormwater management, amenity space, promoting

biodiversity, etc.); understanding physical and contextual constraints (structural

either extensive or intensive roof, climatic, and building-service related either

warm or inverted roof assembly); and the technical and mathematical tools

required to achieve these goals, overcome constraints and make informed design

decisions. Early meetings and effective communication during project planning

between the client and design consultants to prioritize objectives and understand

potential contradictions ultimately will help streamline the design process and

ensure outcomes.