chapter  8
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The Composition of Making

WithChristina Cantrill, Paul Oh

This chapter examines certain critical social contexts made possible by the work of a broad knowledge network of kindergarten through university educators the National Writing Project (NWP) to foster writing/making and to engage in inquiry about the relationships between the two. It drawn from practices documented at websites such as NWP's Digital Is and Educator Innovator, the vignettes demonstrate the power of writing as part of an integrated process of making, learning, and sharing. The National Writing Project is a peer-based, cross-disciplinary professional network of educators connected through local communities at nearly 200 colleges and universities across the United States. Reflection has always been a critical element of the professional learning process for NWP educators, and the continues to be true as NWP educators attempt to understand the implications of making for their own practice and as they begin to construct theories related to the composition of making. The first vignette focuses on a massive open online collaboration (MOOC).