chapter  3
The Design Process and the Life of a Project
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The opening paragraph of the Preface introduced the idea that the genesis of landscape architecture can be traced to the Early Greek and Roman concepts of Arcadia and the pleasant place, the locus amoenus: idealized places of refuge and beauty having regenerative powers for the visitor. Repurposing is an initiative that considers the reuse of built places, structures, and facilities that no longer serve new populations and economic initiatives that have replaced an earlier demographic or economy. Global practice will have the additional characteristic of involving teams of consultants with a multi-national composition. The ramifications of a world experiencing ever greater threats from global warming, fresh water scarcity, increased demands on already over-cultivated lands, and the loss of productive landscapes from resource extraction and urbanization will require a multi-disciplinary approach to planning and design. The technology of wearable computers and remote access to home appliance and utility systems can easily be adapted to self-maintaining environments, including landscapes.