chapter  1
Introduction—What is a Landscape Architect?
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The technical aspects of landscape architecture are commonly referred to as site engineering or landscape technology. The term design realization is used and design realization is generally concerned with site grading and drainage; road and trail design; landscape planting; and structural aspects of pavement, walls, decks, and special features such as fountains. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), administered by the US Department of Justice, promulgates design standards, providing for enforceable accessibility and barrier removal standards in public places and facilities. The building blocks for achieving competency in designing grading plans for a project begin with being able to read topographic maps, including understanding scale and understanding various frames of survey reference such as datum terms of elevation and grids. The integration of the different subjects generally comes about after graduation and during the apprenticeship phase of professional development. A landscape architect, civil engineer, or both in collaboration, typically prepare site-grading plans.