chapter  2
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An indigenous philosophy of worldedness

This chapter reiterates some fundamental ideas about worldedness. The concept of worldedness relates to fact that one thing is constituted by all things in the world, to the problem of perception and worldview, to the place of an utterance and thought in life of a group, to how landmarks will influence the self, and to whether one decides to label phenomenon or not. The chapter offers some preliminary remarks about very broad notion of 'education' within context of indigenous metaphysics, but initial aim is to philosophise about the nature of world and thing. From a counter-colonial indigenous perspective, it seems useful to conceive of Being in a way that deliberately opposes how we are normally taught in colonisation to conceive of things. The potential for discourses, ideas and dominant worldviews to occupy the world as material entities has direct and unnerving consequences, from the viewpoint of indigenous metaphysics, for notions of well-being and education at the same time.