chapter  3
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A Maori example of worldedness

This chapter lays out a specifically Maori speculation on that infinite, moving orientation between things and the ways in which the self is involved in that activity. Ako has proliferated in Maori educational literature as a discourse that attempts to encompass a specifically Maori concept of teaching and learning. Ako does chime particularly well with the possibility of nothingness, especially with postcolonial/counter-colonial perceptions of an object, and the teaching and learning connected with how an object is to be apprehended. There are various concepts in the Maori language which reflect the fact that objects reveal themselves and are self-evolving. At the same time, those objects are to be understood as containing to them all other entities in the world. Being a hugely important facet of much indigenous discourse, language deserves a preliminary, political introduction. In much indigenous literature in the 1990s, there arose a great deal of resistance to the New Age movement, with its intrusion into indigenous spiritual philosophy.