chapter  4
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An indigenous dialogue with Heidegger

The consequences of presence

This chapter focuses on philosophers to unravel the detailed nature of this other metaphysics, which, due to its determination of an entity, may sound quite foreign to the indigenous self. Martin Heidegger, the first philosopher the author refers to, unrelentingly critiqued presence and its various offshoots. It is important to recognise that Heidegger linked presence with other tendencies to supercharge the self so that an entity is oriented towards in a particular way – as something disconnected from the rest of the world. Language has its own way of interacting with and constituting the self, and the opposing view that language is a human product, devoid of anything of its own making, does not sit well with an indigenous worlded perspective. A further explanation that clarifies what appears to be an indigenous engagement with other facets of colonisation but not the metaphysical, may be found in the oftentimes-dire nature of everyday, concrete indigenous existence.