chapter  5
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Presence, the Maori student and writer/critic, and Ako

Novalis and Derrida

This chapter aims to revisit Ako with the student and critic in mind, as they quite clearly reveal how one participates with both a worlded view of Ako and its more orthodox, educational mode. It also aims to give examples from a Maori perspective, of the broad nature of presence identified by dialogue between Heidegger and indigenous worldedness. The chapter continues the dialogue more specifically by referring to the matter of presence to two additional non-Maori philosophers – Novalis and Derrida. It is with Novalis's elusiveness of a thing in mind that turn to consider some general concerns that education poses for a Maori student. Not only is published material on the matter slowly becoming more common, but anecdotally speaking it seems that Maori forums are more consciously starting to theorise on the limits of the self's knowledge of a thing and, indeed, on the fact that our theorising is located on the field of that 'something that lurks'.