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The government commission of inquiry into youth protest acknowledged the demand by the Green Movement for a 'democratisation of the sphere of reproduction' and for greater consultation of the population. The commission showed that it understood why the Green Movement was critical of 'rationality' and why it saw the state and large organisations as a 'threat to life'. However, it criticised the irrational elements within the protest movements and the 'over-estimation of spontaneity'. The themes which preoccupy dogmatic left-wing groups have attracted the sympathies of the well-educated, middle-class supporters of the Social Democratic Party (SPD). The Social Democrats do have, both in their parliamentary leader, Vogel, and their General Secretary, Glotz, figures who have shown a keen appreciation of the issues raised by the Green Movement. The Green Movement has been unable to resolve the question of organisation, although it has managed to create loose structures which have ensured a measure of continuity and success.