chapter  4
Kosovo and Amexica
A tale of two countries
Pages 25

This chapter provides an empirical comparison between Kosovo and Mexico. Democratising intelligence in former authoritarian regimes and after conflict faces a number of well-documented challenges, including initiating or reforming law on organisation, mandates and personnel but also making deeper changes to political and organisational cultures. The chapter considers intelligence structures and processes occurring in Kosovo and Mexico which support the proposition that there are, indeed, general issues of governing intelligence that transcend national peculiarities. They have always received close attention from security, border and police intelligence agencies to the extent that resources permit. The Secure Fence Act, 2006 legislated for double-layered fencing along one-third of the 2,100-mile border from ten miles west of Calexico, California, to five miles east of Douglas, Arizona. There is no potential intelligence monopoly to compare with the Weberian monopoly of legitimate coercion.