chapter  2
Reading Contrapuntally: Adapting Said’s Concept of Contrapuntal Reading to the Field of Biblical Hermeneutics
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Via Media: The Nature of Textual Interpretation in Said’s Oeuvre In attempting to adapt Said’s own frame of entry into the text, it will first be necessary to examine that frame more closely. Said’s approaches to textuality and interpretation are heavily influenced by his concepts of subjectivity, the relationship between knowledge and power, the responsibility of the intellectual, and the notion of the secular. In view of Said’s particular disdain for hegemonic critical systems, this section will not be an attempt to categorize Said’s interpretations or to subsume them under the heading of a particular critical rubric. Perhaps the best way to approach the question of the nature of textual interpretation in Said’s work will be to discuss two critical positions he found “exemplary” and also to take note of his criticisms of those positions. A particularly helpful essay in this regard is Said’s “Criticism Between Culture and System,” which appeared under an earlier and perhaps more illuminating title, “®e Problem of Textuality: Two Exemplary Positions.”1