chapter  4
A Joban Fugue: Addressing the Issue of Suffering in the Book of Job with Gerhard Von Rad and Gustavo Gutiérrez
Pages 41

Many scholars classify the work of Gerhard von Rad under different critical headings; among these are form criticism, redaction criticism, and tradition criticism. While von Rad certainly explored and utilized various aspects of diverse biblical-critical methods, it is difficult to disagree with James Crenshaw’s opinion that, “[a]bove all else, von Rad functioned as a form critic. Again and again he used this method to bring a biblical text to life so that it addressed the reader in an entirely different setting.”2 Von Rad’s adherence to the fourfold method of form criticism3 is apparent in his exegetical work; his devotion to the discovery of Sitz im Leben in particular characterized his major treatise, outlined in his 1938 article “®e Form-Critical Problem of the Hexateuch.”