chapter  6
®e Integration of Chaos and Order: Exploring Asian Interpretations of the Book of Job
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Asian Contexts: A Brief Overview At the outset, it will be useful to briefly explore the Asian context out of which the interpretations in this chapter arise.2 ®e vast diversity of the geographical region identified as “Asia” necessitates a discussion of multiple Asian contexts rather than a single, unified concept of what constitutes “Asia” or “Asian.” ®is renders any attempt at an introductory summary a rather daunting and necessarily incomplete task. Nevertheless, one can make several preliminary observations based on the work of a variety of scholars regarding the Asian contexts in which biblical texts are read. First, Asian contexts are characterized by a vast diversity of religions, in which the Christian religion, and by extension the Bible, is almost universally in the minority.3 ®e biblical texts are consequently viewed primarily as texts to be interrogated and brought into dialogue with other religious texts, traditions and concepts, as well as with Asian contexts.4