chapter  2
Monkey raisins
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This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the key concepts covered in the preceding chapters of this book. In the book the author have tried not only to portray the technical progress of logic as a formal discipline in response to a variety of conceptual problems, but to introduce, albeit implicitly, from a somewhat unorthodox but rigorously argued philosophical perspective. The moral dimension of modern symbolic logic recognizes logic as a product of human culture that stands along history, science, religion and art. It assumes that paraconsistent logics will provide a universal remedy for all of the problems we can get ourselves into with unrestricted comprehension or abstraction, among other naive logical desiderata. It rather depends in every instance on where exactly the inconsistencies occur in a formalism, threatening its semantic integrity from within or without, and whether or not we can tolerate them theoretically even when all classical inferential explosion is appropriately contained.