chapter  8
Eranos 1938: e United States Shows Interest
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Mary Mellon (Mima) had begun in 1934 to occupy herself seriously with Jung’s teaching, although up to that point she had led a life more oriented to pleasure and social events than to intellectual matters. In 1935 she married Paul Mellon, who stemmed from a wealthy family and was prominent in the banking world as well as being an active art collector. His father was at that time United States ambassador in London. e young couple’s home was Pittsburgh, but New York was more to their taste, and they went there frequently. In New York they underwent a Jungian analysis with Ann Moyer and her husband, Erlo van Waveren. e latter had been the “business manager” of Alice Bailey who, together with Olga Fröbe, had organized the School for Spiritual Research in Ascona.3 us there was already a link to the Ascona milieu. rough the van Waverens, the Mellons were brought into contact with Jung’s teaching and came to value it highly.