chapter  12
Creating Scientific Posters
WithScott A. Mogull
Pages 22

This chapter examines the contemporary conventions of scientific posters evolved from the display of oral presentation slides on a bulletin board. A scientific poster displays research data and is used as a visual aid at a poster session, which is a popular presentation and discussion format at scientific conferences. The specifications of the scientific poster canvas, which include the dimensions and layout, should be established before beginning to create and fit the content. A scientific poster may be considered a storyboard view of an oral presentation slide deck in which all the slides are visible on a large canvas that is about four-feet high by six-feet wide or approximately the size of a midsized classroom whiteboard. The poster layout should be designed around the experience of attendees and optimized to facilitate communication and dialogue. The poster functions as the visual aid that the presenter, standing to the side, narrates for the audience.