chapter  3
Searching and Citing the Scientific and Medical Literature
WithScott A. Mogull
Pages 37

This chapter helps readers to conduct a comprehensive search of the scientific and medical literature, effectively use databases and other resources for a comprehensive search, manage a library of journal articles, and properly cite research. It discusses the maintaining a log of literature searches to make each subsequent search more efficient that the initial search. In literature searches, most individuals use an information foraging approach, which is a series of database searches that provides new leads and possible paths to follow to find the necessary information. Many scientific and medical journals are open access, or provide free access to content online. Other articles are open access, even in journals that are not, because the authors have paid publication fees to make the content available online. The literature-search process evolves as new sources and is iterative through refined keyword searches of major databases and targeted searching of references from key articles, authors, and journals.