chapter  7
The Results Section and Effective Presentation of Data
WithScott A. Mogull
Pages 65

This chapter examines how researchers report and archive the experimental evidence in the Results section. The Results section is the core of a scientific article because this is the section that provides evidence to answer the research question. Researchers purposely select data that are the most meaningful and relevant evidence to answer the research question, and, furthermore, researchers transform raw data into clear and concise prose or visuals to effectively communicate the data to the reader. Maps should only include the necessary detail to show the object of interest and to provide orientation for readers. As in all images, unnecessary details should be omitted from maps. Drawings and diagrams are similar to photographs in that they show the appearance of an object although drawings and diagrams are simplified representations of the object that lack the extraneous detail on object surfaces. Drawings and diagrams should focus on the feature of interest and include sufficient detail to provide adequate orientation of an object.