chapter  2
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New Generation Coaching

Coaching was developed in many ways to support left-brain thinking: to speed progression from problem to solution in service to performance improvement. Up till recently coaching has been largely dominated by an essentially linear, goal-driven discourse and models, tools and techniques that offer simple promises of positive outcomes. Coaches with a sense of purpose believe the core of their work is to help leaders discover not only their authentic self but also their contribution to the wider picture. New Generation Coaching challenges the orthodoxy, and indeed the fiction, of impartiality. It engages with the complexity of a networked world and deepens understanding of how people function in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments and how they might be helped to navigate these better. New Generation Coaching draws on transpersonal psychology, psychoanalytic concepts, on spirituality and on systems thinking. The French word accompagnement better describes the kind of partnering role that coaching can become.