chapter  3
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Surviving and thriving in the marketplace

Embodiment is the basis of thriving, and when allied to the re-conceived, secular spirituality being ushered in by New Generation Coaching, working in partnership with leaders, this chapter begins to see today's marketplace becoming a crucible for service and contribution as much as for creativity and innovation. The focus being brought by New Generation coaches on partnership, purpose, spirituality and a systemic awareness may prove more supportive in helping leaders survive and thrive in this more demanding environment than traditional performance coaching. Coaching is an archetypal role, a modern incarnation of the ancient privilege of guiding, accompanying and partnering those who venture forth into the new. In 2001-2002 together with John and Diana Whitmore we created a coaching model based on psychosynthesis in response to a dawning, zeitgeist recognition of the need for a 'spiritual dimension' in business. Learning to say no, to delegate and prioritise are well-known essentials to be acquired or refined in the coaching space.