chapter  6
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Darkness and light

Mental health problems are responsible for the largest burden of dis-ease in the UK: 28" compared to 16" for cancer or heart disease. Anxiety is the most prevalent, with almost 10" of the population suffering a mix of depression and anxiety. The classification of depression remains controversial: there are different types of depression, with different symptoms. It is associated with a wide range of situations from post-natal to war zones, from poverty to the high stress of the boardroom, and can range in severity from the blues to suicidal thoughts and acts. Openness and disclosure are essential in creating a workplace culture that recognises this dark dis-ease, and that normalises its appearance within the shiny corporate brightness. Anxiety focuses on the future, a dread of what might happen. To seek the light, the beauty, sources of hope and optimism is our human instinct, as much as our capacity to despair.