chapter  1
An Overview of Single-Family Houses in the U.S.
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The proliferation of small homes holds several societal advantages, such as offering affordable housing solutions and reducing the environmental footprint. The additional advantages of small homes are lower property taxes and construction costs, time saving through possible prefabrication as well as lower maintenance fees. The house that shares its side walls with its neighbours is known variously as a rowhouse, townhouse, or terraced house, and is a traditional urban solution that dates back to at least medieval times. One of the strategies employed to improve the spatial perception of a small sized house is to increase natural light through proper placement of windows. In rural settings the house may have larger openings to nature on all elevations. In urban areas, privacy and property regulations present a unique challenge to designers who have to mitigate between public and private spaces. Small home design has made large advances and has a further potential as technologies keep improving.