chapter  6
The Motives behind Mumbai
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During the last 26 years starting 1988, India and Pakistan have had fi ve major confrontations, including the one that developed over the 26/11 attacks.1 These have either brought them close to war or resulted in a sharp border confl ict, as in the Kargil war. Terror strikes in India, which invariably originate from Pakistan, provoke periodic crises in South Asia.2 Although India faced a series of terrorist attacks from Pakistan during the last two decades, the Mumbai attack was considered to be India’s 9/11. An adroit collaboration of mullahs, militants and the military in Pakistan has been producing a large number of extremist forces in the country. Sending jihadi fi ghters to Kashmir and Afghanistan has become a state policy of Pakistan army and while doing so, the country is not only destabilizing its own security but also inviting confl ict from India and Afghanistan.