chapter  1
Mass media and climate change
Its role, challenges and trends
Pages 22

This chapter critically assesses existing studies on media coverage of climate change, and is divided into three sections: first, the specification of the climate change topic; second, how journalists' professional values shape coverage; and finally, the role played by politics in climate change coverage. It also discusses the problem of politicisation of the climate change topic. In the case of Russia, everyone face a different set of problems, even though the politicisation of climate change reporting is relevant to it. Acknowledging a vast range of potential theoretical frameworks, this book adopts Herman and Chomsky's Propaganda Model (PrM), allows us to understand these complex connections between media and the state in Russia and perhaps illuminate other actors involved in the process of climate change coverage. The concluding part of this chapter discusses the existing studies on media coverage of climate change in Russia and the theoretical framework used in this study.