chapter  2
The political economy of Russian mass media
State and market
Pages 30

This chapter discusses the Russian media system through the prism of Propaganda Model filters: ownership structure, advertising, sources of information, flak and dominant ideology. For instance, the predominantly state-owned information agency RIA Novosti started to cover the climate change topic shortly after President Medvedev introduced the Climate Doctrine and made his appearance at the Copenhagen Conference in 2009. Media was the propaganda tool to achieve the aims of the Party. As a result, different mass media organs receive information from the same source for instance, from the same information agency, such as RIA Novosti. Russia is supposedly an emerging democracy with, among other attributes legally established and guarded, freedom of speech. The understanding of the media as a powerful tool of propaganda was central for the government of the Soviet Union. With the rising threat of global environmental problems such as climate change, media can be seen as a mechanism to stimulate or protect sustainable development.