chapter  3
Russian climate change policy
Towards ‘climate pragmatism’
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This chapter examines Russia's climate change policy in order to conclude whether it has changed since the early 2000s and affect alterations in media coverage of climate change. It also explores the new course in climate policy in Russia which coincided with Medvedev's presidency hence, through the analysis of Medvedev official speeches, this chapter looks at how the new emphasis on economic modernisation has become beneficial for climate policy. The significance of the energy sector in domestic policy on climate change should also considers from the perspective of the close connections between the energy sector and the state. The Kyoto Protocol (1998) was the first document which forced signatory indus-trialised countries to commit to certain Green House Gas (GHG) emissions obligations. The recent changes in climate change policy emerged because of the realisation that Russia can develop its economy and cut GHG emissions.