chapter  4
Against global egalitarianism
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One could be against global egalitarianism by opposing egalitarianism, tout court. For instance, a libertarian will naturally dismiss global egalitarianism since she rejects egalitarianism altogether. While the libertarian position is, of course, important and deserves attention, to engage it here takes us too far afield from our special topic of global justice. In order to focus on the unique egalitarianism debate within the special subject of global justice, we will attend to arguments that specifically target global egalitarianism without necessarily denying egalitarianism in general. Indeed, the positions we will look at are those that affirm egalitarianism within the just state, but deny its relevance at the global level. This asymmetry is what makes the antiglobal egalitarian position especially interesting and philosophically intriguing. As we will see, some of these arguments compel us to engage with the basic question of why we should be egalitarians at all.