chapter  3
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Nuclear energy and the fourth nuclear power plant controversy

This chapter deals with Taiwan’s nuclear energy controversy; it starts with a brief historical overview of the KMT’s nuclear energy policies and the birth of an anti-nuclear movement and it then proceeds to enumerate the many problems pertaining to NPP-4’s construction, since its very first planning phase, more than two decades ago. Afterwards the analysis shifts to the post-Fukushima period, trying to gauge how different stakeholders have exploited nuclear-related fears to their own advantage. Special attention will be posited to politicians’ use of nuclear production’s topics during their pre-electoral campaigns in 2011. Finally, the last part of the chapter will briefly illustrate the motives for the KMT government to propose a referendum to decide the fate of NPP-4 and will analyze the most recent changes in regards to the temporary halting of the construction of the island’s fourth nuclear facility.