chapter  1
EMOTIONAL EXPRESSION AND THE BODY The language of bio-energy
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EMOTIONAL EXPRESSION AND THE BODY T he language o f bio-energy It must be recognised at the outset that it is impossible for an individual not to communicate. Even total silence tells us something about a person and the way in which he or she meets the world. The focus on neurotic symptoms as related in words by a disturbed person is complemented in bio-energetic therapy by a focus on the signs of emotional stress and expressive disturbance as revealed by the non-verbal aspects of a patient.The first scientist to put whole-hearted stress on non-verbal means of communication as being of fundamental import­ance was Charles Darwin in his remarkable book, The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals, which must be looked on as a basic primer of psychology as well as of ethology.I should like to give a brief quotation from what Darwin said, because this helps to set the framework of reference for the work I shall be describing.