chapter  3
Al-Tawh. ı-dı-’s al-S. ada-qa wa al-S. adı-q: The question of patronage and the intended audience of the epistle
Pages 39

Al-Tawh. ı-dı-devoted a whole work, al-S. ada-qa wa al-S. adı-q, to the explanation of the subject of friendship, but he had developed some ideas on, and made references to, friendship in his al-Bas.a-’ir wa al-Dhakha-’ir, in a question addressed to Miskawayh in al-Hawa-mil wa al-Shawa-mil, in his Risa-la f ı-al-H. aya-, and later in al-Muqa-basa-t, showing the importance this theme had already achieved in his reflections and meditations.1