chapter  2
‘Local’ Solutions To ‘Failing’ Schools
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This chapter begins with a modest aim of an initial pilot study called 'Patterns of Learning' in a small local community primary school that might set up a reciprocal relationship to learn about what it takes to 'make a difference' to disadvantaged students' learning and life chances. It shares extracts of the teachers' voice, which were recorded in initial briefing meetings, continuing professional development (CPD) sessions, and focuses on group interviews in order to build collective intelligence. The different teams of teachers and academic partners engaged in practitioner research activities to develop arguments about the challenges they confront in this local network of urban schools, which take seriously local context, neighborhoods and communities. The practitioner research activities are constructed to support school Heads and teachers identify and name the complexities, to embrace these students' lived experiences, interests, abilities and aspirations, and to bridge with the goals in urban School Development Plans.