chapter  4
Academic Partners And The ‘University Project’
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This chapter homes in on what came to be called the CPD twin-pack: a non-accredited teacher learning programme, which stuck with the name Leading Learning' and which had to go through the university's QA process. Second, the allied Masters' program to provide accreditation for teacher inquiry work came to be called the allied MA Achievement in City Schools, which likewise had to go through the university's validation procedures. A teacher partner's observations, registered in a reflective journal, of the white British students on free school meals in an urban high school provide prototypical professional concerns about disadvantaged students' achievement. The focus of attention was on small groups of white British boys' and Asian boys' approaches to learning, noting the cultural differences between the two ethnic groups. The Faculty QA committee wanted to know about support and guidance to teacher partners, so note was made this will be provided by the programme director and by associated academic partners.