chapter  5
Making Common Cause
Pages 27

This chapter features the nub of the professional knowledge work done once the non-accredited component got underway to run over 3 years, 2012-2014, with the first cohort of teacher partners called Trailblazers. It confines itself to the shared professional learning and development work that took shape in the very early stages, supported by a small team of academic partners. The chapter begins with a rationale of populist hope and describes some select pedagogical strategies for this form of teacher education. It continues with a depiction of teacher partners' concerns, the ways these were channelled into nascent teacher inquiry projects to tell the stories behind the official data and develop more transformative classroom practices. The chapter finishes by saying what it takes to hold the professional line and interrupt the dominant ideological message about urban schools' performative practices, mindful to connect with a wider social movement of practitioners in teaching and teacher education motivated to act on professional discord with GERM.