chapter  6
Teachers’ Voices
Pages 22

This chapter comes to the crux of Trailblazers' co-developed professional knowledge work, which foregrounds the processes of practitioner research and teases open the interconnections of disadvantaged students' lives, learning needs and urban schooling experiences. It throws a spotlight on professional concerns about the social determinants of students' learning but also the social and political realities in urban schools. There is a special emphasis on the ways these research-active teachers and their academic partners have to negotiate practice-focused investigations, given huge policy and time pressures. The chapter shows the steps taken towards this cohort's first published work with only one exception since everyone agreed to publicize the research-informed professional voice. Teacher partners in the local network of urban schools are concentrated on raising achievement' and closing the gap in line with government policy and practice dictates. Finally, it concludes with a precis of their journal articles to showcase their classroom action and policy advocacy for contextualized school improvement plans.