chapter  7
Professional Control Over Schooling
Pages 20

This chapter elaborates on the warning, not just for Australia but for other countries who are battling the GERM, and it documents the lessons learned in the process of developing school university partnerships in this northern city. It canvasses advice on professional concerns about vernacular neoliberal reforms troubling teaching and teacher education. The chapter always focuses on professional knowledge work and the ways to build the practitioner research evidence to put the case. This gives rise to professional disquiet and anger, and it may well come down to the academic and teacher unions to organize and represent the professional concerns of practitioners and orchestrate a choreography of urban schools policy conflict. The silence to so many of these efforts to encourage teachers' collective actions and raise the professional voice has been deafening. When it comes to the local struggle to establish professional learning communities focused on poverty and cumulative multiple deprivation, the author certainly opens to advice.