chapter  X
Physicalism and Jurisprudence
WithEdgar Wilson
Pages 9

This chapter discusses three ideas, which are important for understanding current disputes in jurisprudence. These are the idea of root model conflict, the idea of dual access to natural processes and the idea of eidescopic shift or change in root model. What identity theory (IT) suggests is a physicalist account of human experience that reconciles practical demands of human life with theoretical insights of objective science. This is possible because the biperspectivist version of physicalism advanced here takes mind–brain identity seriously. Macdonald's and juristic views recognise a practical need to control anti-social behavior. Practical and scientifically informed views seem to be a consequence of isolating the practical or participant's mode of experience from objective scientific knowledge of the determinants of human behaviour. It seems appropriate to associate the extreme objective view of antisocial behaviour indicated here with the observer perspective in the biperspectival version of IT.