chapter  II
Two Incompatible Models of Persons
WithEdgar Wilson
Pages 16

The orthodox-animistic (OA) model of human persons is the one most manifest to common sense. The process of de-animising man's view of the world has been achieved largely through an exercise of scientific inquiry within the OA world view, and so Wilfred Sellars has rightly stressed that the OA or 'manifest image' of man is not a pre-scientific one. Again, paradoxically, it is orthodox philosophers who most often argue against a physical-objective model, rather than the members of the ordinary language community whose corporate authority is obliquely appealed to in such matters. Philosophical and lay physicalism therefore is as much a matter of the perspicuity of the physicalist model as it is a deliberate attempt to build on a common denominator, or to provide a coherent objective account of human experience. One physicalist purpose can therefore be regarded as an attempt to render a coherent account of experience in terms of basic physical concepts which everyone already understands and accepts.