chapter  12
Directing a Project (DP)
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Tailoring refers to any adjustment made to the PRINCE2 method for a specific project in terms of the project's: scale, complexity, geography, and culture. The seven PRINCE2 principles of PRINCE2 must be preserved and form part of the tailored method includes continued business justification, Learn from experience, Defined roles and responsibilities, Manage by stages, Manage by exception, Focus on products, and Tailor to suit the project environment. The Project Manager must understand the PRINCE2 method and be able to judge at what level each theme needs to be used. Great care is needed when thinking of scaling down the quality work described in PRINCE2. The 2009 PRINCE2 manual suggests that a small project may run with only four sets of documentation such as the Project Initiation Documentation, Highlight Reports, Daily Log, and End Project Report. A programme's design authority may have a role in the Change Authority or Project Assurance of one or more of its projects.